Advanced Mobile Entertainment has everything you need for a Porsche audio equipment upgrade. Maybe you blew a speaker in your current system. Or perhaps you want to engage in a more emotional experience by adding bass and improving speaker quality. Having a high-quality sound system is part of the ultimate driving experience. Our expertise assists you in finding what you desire.

We offer top-notch in-car electronics sales and installation. You can find all our sales and electronics installation options on our website. Most standard sound systems are less-than-impressive, so we deliver premium quality.

We lock our showroom and meet with our customers by appointment. Our goal is to give the best service possible, and this method is how we can provide this individualized help. We will share our knowledge, experience, and options with you from Monday to Saturday.

Why should I Upgrade?

Do you want to enjoy the next level of entertainment? Moving up to another tier in comfort includes installing top-level sound quality. Advanced Mobile Entertainment will install your new equipment in any vehicle. Our expertise can accommodate your luxury car. Leave details to us.

Why do you want to make upgrades to your vehicle? There are many reasons to make changes. Maybe you blew out a speaker in your current system or are ready to live with a booming new system. People who spend a lot of their day driving for work think it is worth investing in having the best. Having a high-quality sound system is part of the driving experience for some people.

Safety features are usually top of the list, but luxury features make the experience memorable. This enhancement is where Advanced Mobile entertainment comes in. An audio sound upgrade is the best place to start when you are ready to make your ride more enjoyable. We have a range of high-end systems so you can decide which fits your life. But we are confident in our skills, experience, and love of the finer things in life. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Hire us to help make your life easier! We strive to treat our customers like family! Your vehicle is your prized possession, so we always provide exceptional service. We also stock all your favourite brands and assist you in finding the right upgrade. We offer service for all luxury car brands. In addition to Porsche, we work on Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes-Benzs, and Audis. We know what is most compatible with your vehicle.

What will my upgrade look like?

Our team designs a system so all components fit in your vehicle. We have the skills and knowledge to provide perfect vehicle integration with the best features in the market; we welcome you to our Brampton location. Working with you on your Porsche audio sound upgrade will be a pleasure.

If your Porsche came with a Becker, Bose, or Porsche Connect system, you could always improve it. Premium components transform your ride into an emotional experience. Many agree that the high-end surround sound system Burmester offers a better listening experience with more detail and improved dynamics.

There are various upgrades available for your Porsche. Change the front or rear speakers and include extra foam padding, so there is no rattling or noise leakage when driving. Bass can make or break a system, so upgrading to a subwoofer and adding bass speakers is essential. Installing an under-seat subwoofer saves space. An amplifier boosts the sound by giving it more power! We create custom interface units to fit your vehicle.

If you are ready to commit to living the high life, yet need some help, talk to us about our financing options. Let’s get you the ultimate driving experience today. You deserve it.

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Offering a high-quality experience gives our customers as much time as they need to figure out what is best for them. Getting one-on-one time with our experts is a perk when shopping with us. You are never bothered by other customers in the store, so you can take the time you need to make an informed decision. Additionally, this process keeps you COVID-safe in our store.

Please call us at 905 790-3329 or email us at We understand the value of your car and treat it as we would our own. Advance Mobile Entertainment in Brampton has everything you need for a Porsche audio equipment upgrade.

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