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At Advanced Mobile Entertainment we are very passionate about delivering a great car audio experience.  The right sound system and fined tuned to suit your ears, evokes an emotional reaction when done right.  This is something we have extensive experience and training in.

In-dash Technology

We carry everything from basic CD replacements, up to full-featured Double Din Navigation, multimedia units with Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, Android Auto and back up camera and steering wheel integration.

 Adding a Subwoofer

The benefit of adding a Subwoofer to your Car Audio music system is important because they extend the sound from your music.  The low frequencies produce the full, rich, dimensional sound that so many people love but are not achieving from their music.

Amplifying Sound

Whatever the genre of music you listen to, using an external Amplifier will bring your sound system to life!  With the right Amplifier, you can achieve a listening experience at any volume, loud or quiet.  Matched to your vehicle speaker system ensures a superior sonic experience.

Upgrading Speakers

The factory automotive speakers lack wide frequency response, depth and have limited power.  Upgrading with the right speakers lets you hear every part of your music the way it was intended to sound .

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

This is for the Audiophile who loves music period! If you have a home system and enjoy endless hours of quality produced music and want the same experience in your vehicle, DSP is the way to go.  It creates the feeling of being in the room when the musicians were creating the music.  This highly advanced technology has many intricacies that take many years to comprehend at our level.  We have been trained by the best in the industry to be able to re-create the sound that artists intended for your listening experience.

Driver Safety

Driver safety is a high priority.   We offer many products, combined with careful installation, that help drivers increase situational awareness and decrease distractions. We offer backup cameras, backup sensor systems, forward collision warning (FCW) systems, lane departure warning (LDW) systems, blind spot detection systems, and Bluetooth hands-free calling solutions all of which enhance your awareness of the road while behind the wheel.

Remote Starters

We install many types of remote car starters to make your vehicle more comfortable when you get in, ready to drive. Whether you’re heating the interior in the winter or cooling it in the summer, we can recommend and install the ideal remote car starter system for you.

Our goal is to make sure when you’re ready to get in and drive, you do so in complete comfort.

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